Yacon Syrup and Pills the New Diet Discovery

yacon-syrup-plantAccording to Alivebynature.com, Yacon Syrup shows promise but has a long way to go before it is accepted as a proven weight loss aid like garcinia cambogia. Just because Dr Oz says it really works is just the start, since there are always new products that comes out claiming to be the next big thing in the weight loss world. Every once in a while, it’s truly a breakthrough and a legit product, as is the case with garcinia cambogia. But most of the time that’s not the case. But today, we will tell you what we learned about: yacon pills.

Very often used as a sryup and an organic, low calorie sweetener, it’s bound to start getting a lot more attention in the near future. As a professional nutritional coach, I’m all for something that can give the benefits that yacon syrup does. It’s much more than merely a weight loss pill and can actually be beneficial to a lot of people.

I’m sure you know who Dr. Oz is and that he’s a complete “all natural” fan. Well, yacon is one of the latest supplements that he decided to feature on his show. He spent over a year looking into this natural weight loss wonder from South America before he did so, too. Plus, he brought a group of health experts in to evaluate and give their opinions according to their own research.

wait-signBefore I get into it and explain what yacon is, I have a bit of a warning to give you. Because it’s bound to start getting tons of media attention, it’s probably going to start popping up everywhere you look. In your local stores, as well as on sites and ads all over the internet. Please realize that Dr. Oz does not normally endorse any particular brand of the things he mentions on his show. But there are lots of people who will try to make you believe that he endorses their product. This happened big time with green coffee extract, which prompted Dr. Oz to set out on a rampage and awareness campaign. So don’t fall for it if you start seeing yacon everywhere with Dr. Oz’s face on or near it – he is not endorsing it.

Can I Really Lose Weight by Using Yacon?

I’ve been doing my own research on this and I have to say you definitely can. It’s annoying when the hottest new supplement has little to no research behind it. Fortunately, this one does. There’s already plenty of research and studies lined up to back up the claims and for us to dig through – as we should before buying any diet pill.

yacon-researchProbably the largest and most impressive study was released by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The study lasted 120 days. Over this four months many of the participants experienced substantial weight loss resulting in over 30 lbs of weight loss and about 2 inches trimmed off their waists.

“ The results showed “Daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index.”

This Natural Weight Loss Pill Does More than Help You Lose Weight!

cholesterolThough the attention it’s getting is because of how easily and naturally it helps you lose weight, there’s more to know about his little supplement. It actually does a whole lot more than simply help you lose weight. It can be used to help treat IBS or chronic constipation. It can also be beneficial to anyone who needs to lower their blood sugar levels. It improves your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, too.

“Now this is why I’m passionate about it, it’s not just about losing weight, Yes you’ll get that I know that’s why people will try this, but if it can get your blood sugar down that’s a Gold Mine for us when it comes to your health.” -Dr. Oz

What is It?

Yacon pills, syrups and other forms of the supplement are all derived from roots of the actual yacon plant, which is native to the Andes Mountains area in South America. It has a taste that will almost make you think of apples, nice and sweet, yet mild. The syrup can be used a natural, low-calorie, healthy sweetener alternative.

How Does Yacon Work?

questionNo matter which form of the supplement you choose to use, they all will have common health benefits among them. They all contain something that’s vital to its effectiveness, and don’t let this name scare ya off: Fructooligosaccharide… Something you’ve probably never heard of. But you don’t need to know how to pronounce it or all that jazz. Just remember that it’s normally referred to FOS. Garcinia has a magical ingredient called HCA (hycroxycitric acid) and FOS is yacon’s magical ingredient.

The Nitty Gritty on Yacon

Ok, here it gets a little bit technical. You don’t necessarily need to understand every bit of this, but I understand that many people will want to research and understand as much as possible before using (Hey, that’s a good thing!). So here it is as plain as I can get it…

Probiotics have been in the limelight for a while now. But fact is, prebiotics can be just as important – if not more important. And at the end of the day, the bottom line is that yacon is a prebiotic. Let’s take a look at some of they key differences and why that is:

probiotics-illustrationProbiotic: Yes, there’s lots of data that shows it may have many benefits. But not much of this has been solidly proven as of yet.
Prebiotic: Also provides many important health benefits, but guess what? It has been proven over and over again.

Probiotic: Contained in many dairy products like yogurt, this live bacteria can have trouble surviving long enough to deliver the benefits you’re hoping for. Heat, age and stomach acids are just some of the factors that can alter or destroy it.
Prebiotic: Not a live bacteria so not nearly as unstable. It’s actually a type of special fiber.

Probiotic: It can struggle to get through and be absorbed by your body due to the many other bacteria found in your body.
Prebiotic: Actually compliments and helps good bacteria we like to call “skinny bacteria” already in your body thrive.

The skinny bacteria it helps are partly what’s responsible for how easily and how well you can absorb nutrients. They help ward off dangerous bacteria that can pose a threat to your health. They also create “short chain fatty acids” from the FOS found in yacon.

I will let Dr. Oz sum this up for you:

“Researchers show that first way it works is to speed up your metabolism, by promoting the skinny bacteria. Yacon syrup very interestingly lowers the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ which brings you down towards fullness, and keeps you down by also controlling insulin.  -Dr. Oz”

What’s the Best Way to Use Yacon?

Probably the form of yacon getting the most attention currently is the syrup. Yes it works. Yes it’s good. Lots of people use it as a sugar substitute in their drinks and foods. But it’s not something easily carried with you and since I’m on the go a lot, I like pills the best. I do have syrup at home for occasional use, though. You can find it in other forms too, such as the root itself or even dried chips.

Where Can You Get Yacon?

woman-buying-yacon-onlineJust like I said at the beginning of my post, there will likely be a lot of yacon products popping up. Everywhere you turn will be a new, better version. A better brand. A better supplier. My advice is to find a natural health supplement provider you trust and ask them if they have any plans on offering it in the near future. If enough customers ask, I bet they would. Personally, I’ve asked AlivebyNature if they’ll offer yacon pills. But if you don’t have you already trust, then keep these tips in mind:

  • Always read the label, check the nutritional info and never buy if you can’t clearly read the label
  • Make sure you take time to read the fine print on any free offers, return or refund guarantees
  • If they claim to be an alternative to prescriptions, stay away
  • If they use foreign language on the label, stay away
  • If you notice bad grammar and misspellings, stay away
  • If they give completely silly claims like losing 4 dress sizes this week, stay away
  • Check with the FDA to make sure they haven’t been in trouble or their products labeled as tainted in the past